Fun Run!

Yesterday I laced up my shoes that have been sitting in the corner and got out for my first race of the year! It was a 5k themed for St. Patrick’s day and it was a blast! I was able to convince my bf to come along since the race didn’t start until 10:45 and participants received an awesome t-shirt. Even though the start was a little chilly, it was nice to run outside since it has been awhile for me. I actually can’t believe how three miles isn’t a hard run for me anymore and it flew by! The course was right through downtown Royal Oak and I found myself window shopping as I ran past little shops. I had no intention of competing in this run, I was simply just doing it to get outside and enjoy the morning. The funny thing was I actually ended up placing 1st in my age group and my bf placed 2nd in his! Special thanks to my partner in crime since he only runs at one speed which is a sprint because otherwise I wouldn’t have placed haha. We got an awesome mug as a result 🙂 

5k’s are great for everyone and I love seeing people get all dressed up! There are so many different types of runs, so I challenge you to get a bunch of friends and register for one! Get dressed up, take lots of pictures, and have fun being active! 🙂Image


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