I’m Just Half Crazy :)

They say those who run 13.1 miles are “half crazy”, however I think I can officially be called crazy because I am running another half marathon in 25 days. The last time I took on the 13.1 miles I trained for 10 weeks before the race and this time I committed having just 4 weeks to prepare. The only reason I have some confidence is because I have been consistently running and cross-training all winter, so this race will be more of a mental challenge than physical one I think.Β 

I am not running this race to beat my previous time, I am doing it because it was a great opportunity for a cause I am extremely passionate about and I couldn’t pass it up. My university was offering free complimentary registrations for the Let’s Move Festival of Races which aims to increase healthy lifestyles and combat childhood obesity, so sent in my registration and now there’s no turning back!

You might be wondering “how on earth do you train for a half marathon in a month?” and in my opinion you shouldn’t. If you are considering running your first half marathon, give yourself the 10-16 weeks to fully prepare because the overall experience will be more enjoyable. However, if you run all the time I think it is doable. What I have been doing to prepare myself is running 4-6 miles a few days during the week and having one long run on the weekend. The first two weeks my long runs consisted of 8 miles and last weekend the rain kept me inside, so I ran 9 miles on the treadmill (yes, it was awful). This weekend I am running my longest run of 11 or 12 miles, depending on how I feel and then the following week I plan on running 8 or 9 miles to start tapering for the final week before the race. I have been listening to my body and not pushing myself too hard because I want to feel the best I possibly can for race day. Good nutrition is essential for challenging my body to do so much in such little time. With only a couple weeks until race day, every run I get in is extremely important and I need to be properly fueled to perform my best.

I am keeping a log of my training for this event that I will post after the race. I get nervous at times, but then I remember I can do anything I put my mind too. While training for my first half marathon, another marathon runner told me that “if you can run 8 miles, you can run 13.1, it’s just a mental challenge.” I just keep reminding myself the cause I am running for and hopefully I can inspire those children participating in the smaller races to stay healthy and active. I am beyond thankful for this wonderful opportunity and am so excited to tackle 13.1 miles again!

Wish me luck! πŸ™‚


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