Half-Marathon High!

Boy oh boy do I love the racing environment! There is nothing better than the last stretch before the finish line with everyone cheering you on! I finished my second half-marathon yesterday and placed 3rd in my age group, so I was awarded an awesome cup and free beer that I couldn’t drink because i’m only 20…but it’s the thought that counts πŸ˜‰


I arrived at the race about an hour before start time and it was a tad bit chilly. I ended up hanging out in the tent filled with vendors because it was nice and toasty! About 15 minutes before 9 o’clock I headed into down to the starting line and warmed myself up; I was starting to get nervous for some reason and I just wanted to start running. As soon as the gun was shot we took off and I decided to stay with the pacers for the first mile because I have a tendency of burning myself out the first couple of miles. Pacers are extremely helpful, so I highly recommend taking advantage of them! Once I felt comfortable I got into my own pace and moved ahead of the pacers.

I looked at the map before the race which gave me an idea of where I was running, but I think my favorite part is running in a new environment and taking in all of the scenery. Β From mile 5-7 the course entered Metro Beach Metropark and I fell in love. Β The view of Lake St. Clair was breathtaking and it looked like the lake went on forever as it met with the horizon. Hands down my favorite part of the run.

My dad was meeting me at mile 9 to give me some craisins because I am not too fond of GU; it upsets my stomach and I found that craisins give me the extra boost I need to finish the last 4 miles. Β When I hit mile 10 I felt amazing! It seemed like time was flying and then all of a sudden I felt the wall coming. I knew it was going to happen since I only trained for a month before the race, but I just kept pushing. When mile 12 hit I wanted to be at the finish line and when I thought I was in the home stretch, the last .45 of the mile was uphill…I was rather upset by this. When I came around the corner and saw the people surrounding the finish line cheering I couldn’t help but smile as I approached and crossed the finish line.

IMG_1224Β  After crossing!IMG_1225Β My awesome prize πŸ™‚IMG_20140426_104948_227

Just a couple steps before the finish line!

So after the race I made sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat well because my body definitely needed it! Of course this morning I am feeling sore, so I am going to do some foam rolling and maybe go for a bike ride. I learned after my last race to not just sit on my butt the day after the race because it just makes the soreness worse. I will be taking it easy though this next week since I put my body through a lot in such a short time period and I want my hip to heal before I start training again.

I am currently putting together my training plan for this race and I will post it asap! πŸ™‚


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