I’m Still Alive

Hello Everyone!

Wow it has been a month since i’ve made an update and so much has happened! As I said previously I was knee-deep in summer classes and I am happy to say I survived the madness! Since I will only be taking one class this session, I will have so much more time to get back into the routine of blogging πŸ™‚

About 3 weeks ago I went to the farmers market with my mom and we picked out a variety of vegetable plants to plant in the garden this summer. I cannot believe how full all the plants look and I am super excited for them to start producing some yummy veggies! We have about 6 different types of tomato plants because we go through them so fast at my house. In addition we have some zucchini, snow peas, rhubarb, and I made an herb garden with basil, thyme, lavender, and parsley. I have my fingers crossed about the blueberry and raspberry bushes in the back because they are my summertime favorites!

So today I finished week one of my eighteen week marathon training plan and oh boy am I in for something! The plan I am using is posted in the 26.2 tab on the bar above if you want to check it out! This week was 3-5-3-8 and it was pretty decent. I went out to dinner last night and indulged on some things which I definitely felt the effects of this morning while I was on my long run, but hey this whole thing is a learning experience and I know that I cannot do that anymore haha. Nutrition is going to be so key for my training, so I will just have to make sure I can find a balance between everything. Seventeen more weeks to go and I am feeling really optimistic about the whole thing! My next purchase will be some new shoes because my favorite shoes I bought in Colorado last summer are pushing 400 miles and it’s time for a fresh pair of kicks! I have some options in mind, so that will be in a future post! As I said earlier, the plan is eighteen weeks and I have seventeen more to go. If anyone has some great tips for training and race day please share! I am always looking for advice since this whole thing is new to me!

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!


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