Two Weeks Down

As another week has come and gone, I head into week number three and I definitely am starting to feel the effects of training. The sore muscles, fatigue, and constant hunger are starting to creep up on me, however I am so grateful for only a 6 mile long run this coming saturday because my body needs the break. So far I have only had one day where I just didn’t want to run, but I pulled myself together and cranked out the miles. Right now I have two weeks completed and sixteen more to go! Here is a recap from weeks one and two:

Week one:

I felt strong all week as I completed the 3-5-3-8 series. I have been making the conscious effort to fuel my body with healthy foods and drink as much water as my body will allow. I learned a really valuable lesson week one when I waited until 12 to take off on my 8 mile run. It was so hot and I decided that if my long runs didn’t happen before 12 then I need to wait until the evening when it cools down. Image

After the 8 miles I took a small hike because I read that walking for 10 minutes after a long run can help combat muscle soreness the following morning.

Since I am always on the go from one place to the next, I love quick, healthy, and yummy meals! Lettuce wraps are so easy and you can put whatever you would like in them! This one has romaine lettuce, hummus, turkey, tomato, and basil.


Week two:

I started the week strong and ready for this long journey the following 17 weeks would take me on. I added more cross training and was more active overall which is why I think over the weekend I felt so tired. It was a great week with more lessons learned. The series was 3-5-3-9 and I did a circuit challenge after 3 miles on the one day and an 8 mile bike ride on the other 3 mile day. On the designated rest days I did yoga and other outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and swimming because the weather was absolutely gorgeous! On Saturday I took off for my 9 mile run at 10am and it wasn’t early enough. By 10:30 it was already 85 degrees and super humid! It was a really hard run, but I managed to finish it and spent the rest of the day at the beach gulping down as much water as I could to replace everything I had lost that morning.


I used my awesome little cooling cloth to help cool down after the brutally hot run!

Yesterday I went to Yoga at the Zoo with my friend from school and it was such a blast! It was an early morning, but totally worth it! I left my house at 6:45am to check-in by 7:15am. Class started at 8am, so I met up with my friend and we found a spot in the grass amongst 600 other yogis πŸ™‚ It felt so good to be doing yoga outside in morning sun with a nice breeze, oh and in the middle of the zoo! After class, we went and walked around the zoo to look at all of the cute animals. Once we made our way back to the front I could not believe it was only 11:30 in the morning! I love accomplishing so much in the morning!Β ImageImageImageImage

After a long day of running around and helping my bf with baseball, I settled down to this amazing summer salad!Β Image


Today marks the start of week three and I am happy for a lighter load of miles because my body needs it. I think this week I may even purchase my new pair of shoes (fingers crossed)! Stay cool everyone and drink lots of water! Summer is definitely here πŸ™‚


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