Feed Me!

I cannot believe that five weeks have already past since I began my marathon training! I’ve learned from previous trainings to take things week by week otherwise it can become overwhelming. I know my end goal is 26.2 miles, however I rarely think about that distance; I only focus on my longest run of the week. I am a very organized and goal-oriented person so each week I have a goal written down and on my calendar I have monthly goals to accomplish. I do everything I possibly can to make my goals achievable but challenging, because it helps me keep a positive mentality. One thing that I have learned is that it is so much easier to run without a negative mindset.

A big problem I had to deal with this past week, which was nothing I could plan for or had any idea was coming was in fact hunger. Now a little bit of information about me is that I love to eat and I eat more food than the average person. I guess that is why I love eating healthy and nutritious foods; the healthier the food, the more I can eat 🙂 I know that may be the wrong mindset to have, but when you’re training for a marathon or any other crazy races that take a toll on your body, I think you get a free pass for a little while anyways. Last week though, no matter what I ate I was never satisfied and 20 minutes later I was starving for more. I felt as if I was eating enough food for a party of 10, but my stomach wanted to feed 20. I get more than enough fruits and vegetables and I love greek yogurt and peanut butter. Since I have 13 weeks left of training and my mileage is only going to continue to increase, I am on the hunt to find more healthy foods to help curb my hunger.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments about this hunger issue, I would love to hear from you!

Have a great week everyone! 🙂


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