GU is a Gift Sent From Up Above

Hello Everyone! So I have lots to catch up on since my last post! First off I’ll start with some quick and easy lunch recipes 🙂


This is just a simple tuna salad I packed for lunch one day last week:

1 can of tuna, spoonful of plain nonfat greek yogurt, tablespoon of relish, sliced cherry tomatoes, 1/4 of an avocado sliced, and topped with feta cheese in a iceberg lettuce leaf!


A couple days later I made a similar recipe:

1 medium red bell pepper, half of a can of tuna fish, a cup of grated zucchini, 1/4 of an avocado sliced, a spoonful of relish, and sprinkled with feta cheese! You could also add greek yogurt to this recipe, however I ran out the day before.

I also found these guys in the garden outside and made 2 loafs of zucchini bread because large zucchinis are not ideal for sautéing. IMG_1665

I cannot believe how big the two on the left are!

Now on to my marathon training! So I had a great week 7 of training 🙂 My mileage increased to 4-7-4-14 and I have no complaints about the outcome of last week. I am incorporating some hills during the week and just focusing on the distance for my Saturday long runs. Saturday was exciting for me because I have never ran more than 13.1 miles and I have never ran more than 12 miles for a training run before. After my previous long run saturday which was 9 miles, I decided that it was time for a change of scenery. On Saturday I headed to a new park to run the 14 miles and I fell in love with the location. I ran the 14 miles in 2:00:11 and I was so happy!! There were tons of runners and groups at the park out to accomplish a similar goal as mine and i’m pretty sure some of them went even further than I did, but everyone was so nice and smiled and waved as they passed. It was such a great encouragement to be surrounded by people with the same mindset and passion.

I also tried my first GU on Saturday about 7 miles into the run and I was really nervous because I have a sensitive stomach, however the GU gave me the extra energy I needed to power through the final 7 miles without any stomach discomfort. I chose the vanilla bean flavor because it only had 20mg of caffeine and since it worked, I went out and bought more (along with a new pair of running shorts) 🙂

As of Friday I am officially registered for the Detroit Free Press Marathon and as soon as I got the confirmation email I got butterflies in my stomach. There literally is no turning back now. I’m super excited and I have a feeling the next 10 weeks of training are going to fly by and I will be standing at the starting line before I know it.

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 🙂


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