Hitting the Wall at Week 9

We’ll I’ve managed to hit a wall and I haven’t even ran 20 miles yet. I have pushed through training the past two weeks dealing with awful foot pain (I’m guessing plantar fasciitis) and accepted that it will be a nagging problem for the remaining 10 weeks. Then, on Tuesday evening I just felt off and figured it was due to the drastic change in weather, however I woke up yesterday and I couldn’t stop sneezing. I do not suffer from allergies, so I wasn’t quite sure what the problem was. As I spent the day at Cedar Point with my friends, the sneezing never let up, followed by a runny nose, and then my throat started to get scratchy 😁 On the drive home that night I realized it wasn’t allergies and I managed to catch a cold in August. So here I sit, bundled up in blankets with a box of tissues and hot tea…in August. I’ve logged 4 miles this week and I have to run 13.1 miles on Saturday. I’m trying to make the most of it and not stress out because maybe my body just needs a rest. A crazy thing happened yesterday morning when I decided to take a rest day because of how I felt; I was on Twitter and refreshed my newsfeed and Runners World tweeted “Think of a cold or minor illness during training as an opportunity to rest” and it made me feel so much better. So here I am taking my opportunity to rest and hopefully after this little bug runs its course, I will have a smooth ride until race day!

How do you jump back into training as soon as possible when you get sick? I’d love some help!


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