On Top of the World :)

I guess everything happens for a reason and when things don’t always make sense sometimes, you find out later that it was for the best. In my last post I mentioned how I was sick and struggling with severe foot pain, however today for my 17 mile run I felt brand new 🙂 Last week I had a stretch where for 8 days I only logged one 8 mile run because I was so sick and in the back of my mind I was freaking out because “I had to stick to the plan”. The positive side to this issue is that this was the week I was going on a vacation and even though I caught an awful virus, I was still really active on the trip. My friends and I visited Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and ended up hiking 12 miles one day and then we rented bikes on Mackinac Island and spent the day doing that, so even though I wasn’t running I was still kinda resting in an active way. Here are some pictures from my trip!


IMG_1783 IMG_1818 IMG_1792


When I got back from a fantastic trip, I knew I had some work to do.  I got in a 4 mile run and an 8 mile run which prepped me for today’s 17 mile run! It took a couple miles this morning to get back into the mindset of running really far, but overall I had a great run today! No stuffy nose and no foot pain! There was a mud run going on at the park I ran at, so for parts of my run I was dodging muddy runners, but it was fun 🙂 When I finished I felt fantastic and this run today gave me so much confidence for the marathon! I am excited for the rest of training! Only one month and 24 days to go!


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