Hello Fall!

I usually like to post after my long run of the week however, I had such an amazing week of training that I couldn’t wait. So here in the mitten the temps have definitely dropped and even though it was nice to experience different running weather, I want some 70 degree days back. Since I started school two weeks ago I had to switch up my running schedule and move long run saturdays to sundays because I have a lovely 8am saturday class (yes, it breaks my heart). Anyways, after my last long run which was 13 miles I was starting to worry because my body felt completely all out of energy. Those 13 miles were worse than the 18.5 I had run the previous week. I used the following two days as rest days with horrible ice baths and lots of fluids and good food. I started doing some research and read that taking a B-complex vitamin helps with energy levels during training, so I went out and bought a bottle to test it out. Along with that, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to start taking iron pills again since I have a history of dealing with anemia and maybe this would beat the fatigue. My 5 mile run on Wednesday was decent and I wasn’t too tired, but on Thursday and Friday I had a PR for my 5 mile run of 40:32 and then beat it with a 39:56. It wasn’t even a struggle and I felt amazing! Prior to starting training I was running 5 miles in about 42 minutes and I knew that once I started increasing my distance and logging more runs my time would increase, but I wasn’t expecting a PR.  In addition I started incorporating more strength exercises after my runs and I am going to continue with that until race day -which is basically 5 weeks away! I have 19 miles to log tomorrow and I am going to test out some additional fuels, as well as warmer clothes I guess!

Hope everyone has a good Saturday! 🙂


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