Bring on the Taper!

I ran 20 miles today! Well actually 20.30 miles and I am soooooo happy! I woke up at 5:30am to eat some breakfast and fuel up before what was going to be a long morning. I also made it a priority to update my running playlist because my old music was not going to help me get through three hours of running. Once that was all situated I headed out the door ready to check this long run off my calendar.

Yesterday I made a visit to the shoe store because I was way overdue for a new pair since I have put about 500 miles on my other pair. Crazy to think that I have ran 500 miles since beginning training 15 weeks ago! Β The lady that was helping me was really knowledgable, so I took advantage of that and asked a bunch of questions. She just ran her first 100 mile race this past summer and she was giving me tips about fueling which were extremely helpful! I ended up buying a pair of Saucony Glides because they were the most compatible with my Brooks and would be the easiest to make the transition to. Needless to say, I love them.

Back to this morning though- I took off a little after 8 and felt great! I decided to take in more fuel, so I started with my first GU at mile 6 and my second at mile 12. The downside to this run is that the pain in the top of my foot started to flare up and it got so bad I thought I was going to have to stop, but I kept going (even though that might not have been smart). I just figured since this was my last big training run that I would have 3 weeks for ice and rest. Once I made it to mile 16 I thought I would try these new Powerbar energy gummies and ended up loving them! I couldn’t manage to take another GU at mile 18 because once I get that far into it, I just want food not gel. I took a gummy at every mile Β and it held me over just fine πŸ™‚ Once I hit mile 20 I decided to just finish running to the car which gave me the extra .30. It was a fantastic feeling to complete that and now I get to move into the final tapering periods of training!

I have 20 days to go and it is finally starting to set in that I am going to run a marathon. I’m not sure how the last 6 miles are going to treat me on race day, but I can only hope for the best! For now I am going to enjoy some shorter distances with lots of resting and icing before the big day!

Happy running everyone! πŸ™‚


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