Merppp :/

This is not what I had in mind starting a new year of races. I am registered for two so far and I have full intentions of running them. The problem is, well i’m not quite sure because I went to the doctors on Friday and had an Xray done and received a referral for PT with a running specialist to figure out why my knee is in so much pain. I have been very proactive about the whole injury. As soon as it started hurting I cut back my milage and switched over to the elliptical. I even started going to yoga more thinking it was a flexibility thing and doing more strengthening exercises for runners knee, but 8 weeks later still no improvement. I am really hoping for a positive experience with physical therapy and be able to take away tips that will help me in the future. I miss running a lot. I feel like part of me is missing. I know I am being overdramatic, but running has become such a huge part of my life and I am not satisfied only running a mile here and there.

What do you do when you are injured to keep you sane?


7 thoughts on “Merppp :/”

    1. I started getting into mountain biking, but then winter arrived so it came to a halt. For the time being I think i’ll use the bikes at the gym, but when spring arrives I’m going to consider investing in a good bike. Thanks!

  1. So sorry!!! I cross trained. It wasn’t the same since I LOVE my run, but it really helped keep the strength up and in good condition – biking helped running and swimming, well, I hate it and I’m HORRIBLE but it’s just good for the body. Good luck!!!!

  2. Major bummer 😦 I give myself permission to rest if it’s what’ll help make things better. I use it as time to relax and get my head back on straight before tackling the comeback. I’ve had a lot of luck with the elliptical and stationary bike when coming back from injury, as well as focusing on strength training (especially core, hips, and glutes). I can imagine how super frustrating this must be, but you got this!

    1. Thank you! It is very frustrating because i’m missing that runners high I get after my long runs and I just don’t get that with cross-training. I’ll keep the relaxation thing in mind and be thankful for the downtime when training starts up again 🙂

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