Slowly, But Surely

To be completely honest, this semester is kicking my butt and I am struggling to keep up. Unfortunately that means I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like too. I have lots of good news though!

I have been going to physical therapy for the last 4 weeks and I have seen much improvement in my IT band. I have been running on the treadmill for rehab and slowly increasing my distance. I can’t run as fast as I would like, but some running is better than none at all! Foam rolling has become my new bff and KT tape has helped tremendously. I started training for an upcoming race two weeks ago and hopefully my knee cooperates!

Speaking of races, I have a small lineup put together! I will be running the Let’s Move Festival of Races Half-marathon April 26th with my boyfriend because our University sponsored students and we took full advantage of that. Also I have a 5k in Detroit to run with a friend which should be a blast and that is May 15th! On May 17th I will be running the Back To The Beach Half-marathon at Stoney Creek and I am really excited for that! Marathon training starts mid-june, so I will be looking for more races to fill in that training plan to prep for the Grand Rapids Marathon in October! I have my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly and my knee will be a problem of the past.

I bought some new shoes since my old ones could have been adding to my knee problems and I LOVE them. I think I will continue to buy the same model because they were the ones I used for the majority of my training last year and I had zero problems. So lesson learned, why change a good thing? My wonderful boyfriend also bought me a pair of compression socks for Valentine’s Day -he knows the way to my heart haha. I cannot wait to get out and use them for some of my longer runs and for recovery!


As of now though, it’s back to the textbooks and my treadmill. Hopefully my next update will be a lot sooner! Happy running everyone! 🙂


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