A Fabulous Weekend of Racing!

A fantastic weekend of running is in the books and the weather turned out to be great for both of my races! On Friday night I ran the Hightail to Ale 5k in Detroit with my friend and it was my first beer run! It was awesome being downtown and in the city atmosphere again. We ran the river walk and even though it was a little warm, the sun was out and it wasn’t raining! After we crossed the finish line we were given our sweet medals and a nice cold beer. I don’t usually drink beer because I despise the taste, but the beer was colder than the water so it didn’t taste half bad. They brought in food trucks and everyone just hung out after the run, it was really a lot of fun!


This morning I ran my first trail half-marathon and even though it was a little warm/humid, I had a blast! I actually hated transitioning from trail to road because it was so easy to run in the woods. This race is definitely now one of my favorites! It was well organized, they had aid stations all over and 6 cooling stations where they handed out wet towels. Right before mile 7 was a “party station” where they of course had water, but they even had jello-shots right before the biggest hill of the whole race! A little later they had another “party station” where everyone was wearing sombreros and they passed out sliced oranges. Right before the finish line we got leis and overall it was just a really fun run! For my first trail run I did pretty well, actually better than I thought I would do originally. I finished in 1:51:28 and even took home 2nd place in my age group!


After a crazy couple of weeks of racing, I am happy for this nice month break before marathon training starts! I just bought a new bike, so I am excited to get some miles on it and spend a lot more time on my yoga mat. Recovery is a lovely thing and I will be making the most of it!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and all of these lovely spring races!


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