Sunday Slow Down

Sunday’s for me mean rest and recovery, oh and also lots of tea! I tend to stay in my pj’s ALL day and catch up on homework while preparing for another full week ahead. I spent my morning drinking my favorite green tea, starting a paper, and clicking through the channels because this grad student can only afford basic cable (thank god for Netfilix). Let me rewind a little bit back to the start of the weekend. I woke up on Friday morning with hip pain which is every runner’s worst nightmare while training. I stretched, foam rolled, massaged with an essential oils blend for sore muscles, and kept my fingers crossed that Saturday I would wake up feeling better for my 12 miler. I can say I woke up feeling better, just a slight twinge here and there. I shoved my ego aside and told myself that if I did not take the 12 miles slow, it would come back to haunt me. I tried to go slow…slower than normal and I finished with an 8:19 avg. My hip did hurt, but not the hurt where you want to cry; it was the kind of hurt that is super annoying and nagging and cardiovascular-wise I felt fine, so I finished the 12. Just as any runner would do, when I got home I started googling my symptoms and trying to find out what exactly my pain was. I am going to go with bursitis. This isn’t the first time I have ran into this problem (pun intended). It always seems to flare up when I stop spending time on my yoga mat. I have been neglecting the warm-up and cool-down aspect of my runs, using a “lack of time” as my excuse, but it’s worth the extra time. I know that now. I am 14 weeks out from Boston which is a lot of time, however I do not want to waste anymore runs to “healing” or “being cautious”.  I purchased a yoga membership this morning and just got back from a yin restorative class aka heaven on earth. This week I will be taking it easy and doing all of the things I should have been doing from the start. I just keep reminding myself that it is simply a bump in the road and even at this point if it takes me two full weeks of easy runs to recover, then I still have 12 weeks to kick some butt and get ready for race day. I was reminded at yoga today to slow down, in all areas of life. The words lingered in my mind for a while and they are true. I am going to slow down; not just in training, but walking to class, and with my compulsive planning. It’s already almost the end of January and I have no idea where the time has gone. So just a little wake-up call to everyone out there, slow down. Time is going to keep ticking at the same pace regardless of whether you race through things just to get to the next or take a moment here and there to breathe and enjoy where you are.

Sunday’s are also my favorite because FOOD PREP! I am sure everyone has already heard the quote “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It is so true though! With my busy schedule, I love being able to come home and just reheat some roasted veggies or indulge at lunch time in something other than a PB&J. Sunday evenings I usually cook in bulk whatever I find on sale at the grocery store. This evening I roasted a pan of sweet potatoes (a weekly must-have) and the other pan consisted of brussels, green beans, and bell peppers! I don’t go too crazy with flavors, but always olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. Luckily my indoor herbs are still growing, well the rosemary is at least which is perfect for sweet potatoes! I kept it simple with the other veggies.

I am currently winding down with another cup of tea and setting an intention for the week. Schedule for week 5 of Boston training is set, lots of food has been prepped for the next few days, and a *decent amount of homework is done. Successful day for me.

Have a restful evening everyone,

Danielle xoxo


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