Teaming Up With Wearsafe!

Happy Monday everyone!

What a weekend! I spent the majority of my time moving out of my apartment in Ann Arbor and packing for my next adventure. Even though I did not have a workout scheduled on the calendar, moving couches, beds, and all of my other furniture down two flights of stairs has left my upper body and back muscles so sore! It feels good though to have it all done and I don’t have to worry about moving it all again until August when I head back for my last year of grad school. To a certain extent moving wasn’t the hardest part of my weekend, it was trying to pack 12 weeks worth of clothing and things into one suitcase. I leave on Thursday for Colorado and I will be there until the end of July. I am excited, nervous, and grateful for this amazing opportunity. I will be completing my internship at a non-profit focusing on health equity, food accessibility, and built-environments. It should be a wonderful experience and I am beyond ready to be back in the mountains!

I had my first run back post-marathon and I am ready to start building my base again! It was a rainy 3 miles, but I just couldn’t come to terms with getting on the treadmill this morning so I headed outside. I cannot believe it is already two weeks since the Boston Marathon! The weekend went by so fast! I really enjoyed my downtime and my body definitely needed it. I can tell things are starting to get back to normal since my internal clock went from waking me up at 8am to 7:30am, all the way down to 6:30am. Oh and my eating schedule is going back to normal which is nice since I don’t have to be consistently thinking about food. Since I will be in the mountains for 3 months, May is going to consist of a lot of easy miles so I can get used to the altitude and ease my way back into a regimen. I am also planning on logging a lot more trail miles and taking full advantage of the amazing views. I really would like to run a race while I am out there, but we will see if my budget allows for it.


Onto some great news! I have joined the Wearsafe Running Ambassador Team! I always take my phone on runs with me just in case something happens, but I started thinking “what if I can’t get to my phone?” or “will I have time to make a phone call?”. With my Wearsafe “tag” I have an entire network of friends and family right at the push of a button. As soon as I received my package in the mail, I set my tag up (which only took a couple minutes) and headed out for a hike! I have been patiently waiting to start running again, so I can use it and today was the day! It gives me great piece of mind being connected to my network wherever I am. I know this is going to help my training especially being in a new city with early morning miles to log. This is a great tool that I highly recommend to everyone, but especially my fellow female runners and adventurers! Use my code “DBRUN4LIFE” at checkout for 15% off of your purchase! I am also happy to answer any questions or comments about Wearsafe!




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