Take a Hike

I think I am finally realizing why the mountains will never get “old” for me. I crave the challenge of starting at rock bottom (pun intended) and maneuvering my way around rocks, roots, and trees to make it to the top, only to look out see that I am surrounded by sister peaks that stand much taller. It’s humbling to be surrounded by things larger than myself. It makes me realize how small my problems truly are and up there, at the top of a mountain, my struggles are practically nonexistent. I mean what is there possibly to complain about when the sun is shining, the smell of evergreens floating through the air, and it’s quiet- absolutely quiet. You can hear the wind blow, the birds sing, and the trees swaying all without the noises we have become so accustomed to in our day to day lives; the cars, the airplanes, the factories, the sirens. I go to the mountains when I want to listen- to be present. And that is exactly what I did this past weekend.

I love being able to hop in my car and in 30 minutes be at the base of the mountains. Every mountain town in unique in its’ own way, but they all have the same charm about them that makes them feel home-y. The snow returned to Colorado last Thursday/Friday and the mountains received anywhere from a foot of snow to three feet! So of course I had to take a drive because who doesn’t want to play in the snow when it is 60 degrees?!20170520_134135

It was amazing! I wish I knew the elevation, but the views were incredible! So if you ever find yourself in Colorado, make a quick pit stop at Lookout Mountain in Golden.

The next day my new co-worker took me out to Evergreen where we got to do some awesome hiking. We went to Alderfer/Three Sisters Park which is another place I highly recommend! Naturally, we had to climb every rock formation and make it to the top. It really was like being a little kid again on the playground. The snow hadn’t quite melted yet, so it added an extra challenge, but made for some beautiful views! 20170521_130542


I am so lucky that I get to spend my summer working on public health issues that I am extremely passionate about and then head to the mountains on my days off for some amazing adventuring! I have already been able to do/see so much and I cannot wait to travel the front range for my remaining time here to do some more exploring! Adventure is out there, you just have to be willing to find it and go after it.



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