Life Above 14,000ft.

After taking my first trip out to Colorado in 2013 and getting to experience the mountains, things changed for me. I found myself craving experiences that really put things into perspective and challenge me to think beyond the borders of my day-to-day life. The mountains are magical. Having a bad day? Sit yourself at the… Continue reading Life Above 14,000ft.


Quality Over Quantity

I'm not an expert, but when I find things that work for me, I hold on tight and never let go [exaggeration]. It took a while for me to finally figure out my running do's and don'ts. It really is not a process you should rush. I will be very honest about this and if… Continue reading Quality Over Quantity


Take a Hike

I think I am finally realizing why the mountains will never get "old" for me. I crave the challenge of starting at rock bottom (pun intended) and maneuvering my way around rocks, roots, and trees to make it to the top, only to look out see that I am surrounded by sister peaks that stand… Continue reading Take a Hike