Maybe a Little Bit of Fear Is All We Need

I will admit that I love being comfortable; who doesn't? There's nothing wrong with living a comfortable life. Comfort is welcoming, predictable, and safe. But, what if I told you that stepping outside of that little cozy box you find yourself in could take you somewhere pleasantly unexpected. I'm going to put this in the context… Continue reading Maybe a Little Bit of Fear Is All We Need

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These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

It seems like everything advances so quickly these days and new fuels, technology, and gadgets are always on the rise in the fitness world. I will admit that love trying new things and in this space when I advocate for a product, I am doing it on behalf of myself because I fully stand behind… Continue reading These are a Few of my Favorite Things!


A Wet and Cold Fight to the End; The 122nd Boston Marathon

Hi everyone! SO much has happened since the last time I was able to make a post. I thought I would be able to manage a blog and a full course load of grad school classes, but clearly I was not. That's okay though because in FIVE DAYS I will be graduating from the University… Continue reading A Wet and Cold Fight to the End; The 122nd Boston Marathon


Learning To Accept A Change in Plans

This fall will be the first time in 4 years that I will not be running a marathon. It was a decision I went back and forth on for weeks, but ultimately decided a break is what my body needs. I was 6 weeks into this training segment and my body was running on E… Continue reading Learning To Accept A Change in Plans


Running at Elevation

Hello from Colorado! Over the past couple weeks I have moved from Ann Arbor, back home, and now to Colorado! I will be here for the next 11 weeks while I complete my internship requirement for my program. I am at a wonderful nonprofit focusing on creating an equitable environment for healthy foods and physical… Continue reading Running at Elevation


Teaming Up With Wearsafe!

Happy Monday everyone! What a weekend! I spent the majority of my time moving out of my apartment in Ann Arbor and packing for my next adventure. Even though I did not have a workout scheduled on the calendar, moving couches, beds, and all of my other furniture down two flights of stairs has left… Continue reading Teaming Up With Wearsafe!



I am Boston Strong. I am still on a runner's high from this past weekend. It was truly magical, incredible, and actually indescribable. Boston was everything I hoped it would be. I got to explore the city, experience a red sox game, and be surrounded by some of the world's best runners all weekend. I… Continue reading BOSTON STRONG


Eleven Days Until 26.2

What does one do 11 days out from a marathon? Well usually about this time in the taper is when I start going crazy, but this time around I am working my butt off to get all of my final projects and papers completed before I catch a flight to Boston. I think the combination… Continue reading Eleven Days Until 26.2


Digging Deep

I apologize that it has been so long since my last post, but with Boston falling at the end of the semester I have all of my final presentations/projects due early. 20 days. We are so close. This past weekend I finished my last long run (yay!) and I am currently in the taper zone!… Continue reading Digging Deep


The Month Before Boston.

Well here we are! Tomorrow will be exactly 30 days until race day! Every time I am training for a marathon it is always at this point where I struggle. I have logged three 18 milers (one more 18-20 miler to go!) and have been training since the week after Christmas, so needless to say… Continue reading The Month Before Boston.